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And Then The Layman
"The most dangerous days, my doorway
Haven for vitriol and fun
You may take twenty children
but you won't be taking my gun"
:iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 1 0
You Would Probably Know, That One Brain Thing?
What a darling! Oh,
I'd fashion you a carriage
and a stroll right down the street
I'd even fancy marriage
with you, Chlopromazine
hirsotism, priapism, acathisia
and wear towards the seems
I'd even fancy marriage
with you, Chlopromazine
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Bully for You
Bully for you,
the great kings came and went
Better, at least, than that meager fleck
that new God left
I'm a pretty shitty person, I guess
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Radioactive Snowflakes
                                         Oh boy, boy, boy
For the last shall be,
and that arctic disposition will melt away in time
written on a hearth rug, read it and then
turn the dial back and tune into Goodbye FM
                                        "Oh boy, boy, boy
               Goldilocks should have been clad in HazMat,
               bear in mind the Gouda enacts the rat trap"
For the last shall be,
when fractals free fall from the sky
thickening icycle eyes, cementing prisms with time
...and I
measured it all in half-life
                                          Oh boy, boy boy
That arct
:iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 124 18
Mature content
Six Sybil :iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 2 0
Not Even With Silicon
By proxy,
chowder socks on outer Spocks,
smoking soft sifts hogwash talk
like Sally oft on autotroughs.
     Life will appear on this rock soon,
     over twenty-two amino acids convinced you.
Really? Too
many lights on martian nights,
genomes spike on external frights,
how will we ever find cell nuclei?
     I might wonder what Easton found
     and only God knows how high his Thetan count
just might be.
I have soliloquies and enemies
tangled in my stinging anemone.
Enmity now atrophy,
     no pariah, star seeking, navel-gazing,
just rhetoric and anomie.
:iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 1 2
Mature content
And No One Will :iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 1 0
Picture Me Polis
Picture me Polis
Dare not picture me you
    Cities from ashes
eschewed by those Delphian fumes
I bought a batch of botched grievances
    with a finger on the pulse
yet never where the agreement is
Even when
pigeonholing serves to placate the pigeons
   Chalk it up to our hospitable world
but its inhabitants battled escrow for avarice
    to raise a generation
    of kids who hate their mothers
and the psychotherapists still babble about Oedipus
that we built our roads with stolen pavement
and our social contract states
that you can keep ardor
    if you use everything else
    to suffice as your down payment
Picture me Polis
Dare not picture me you
    Cities are falling
and only now can chaos ensue
:iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 0 1
the mantra
i will live and life will end
but i promise
i will fin again
:iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 0 0
I Picked The Wrong Week
Don't peak at my placebo peons
Close the shutters, blind yourself
to anything else you peed on
Eons from now, I still have nothing to sell
but I can still bash in your pretty face
and you will still tell people you fell
down the
                        in history
Settle down,
we have carbon and oxygen and misery for now
and this burgeoning need to shut down my vascular cells
I still have about ten dollars left, so I guess
I'll just smoke cigarettes for now
:iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 0 0
Hottie Dottie
Hottie Dottie oughta auction off her shoddy top.
Sippin' Poppy,
ought we cop when Hottie Dottie's choking on a lollipop?
And Hottie Dottie's truly got me
when she punctuates her points
with leather and a riding crop.
Has she had enough of us?
All I have is an empty parking lot
because when Dottie's off my Audi's gone.
Bawdy jocks stifle honest hawks
just looking to stick their beaks in some awesome crops.
Stardust rocks saunter off
with vouchers for
services as provided by Dottie's Job.
:iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 1 0
Buddha and His Faux
I spy surplus feed for the hungry fellowship
and I envy every foundation made of the better brick
I ask, please refrain
from choking on your own spit-like rhetoric
I motion the space between your eyes
must be hereditary
With all the stale initiative
that forced nomads to turn sedentary
Dot your i's
Cross your t's
Cross reference Encarta
I heard she raised a baby
and she named him
A storm is brewing and we're leaving the pier
With all the stale initiative
that allowed us salt water clear
A storm is now brewing
so we drank oceans of fear
They aren't much different
They go toe to toe
I crossed the Eastern Seaboard
to meet Buddha and his faux
:iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 1 1
I Am Not Food
Cat's Cradle
Bring me four by three cards so we can label this
Suffocate on the same street sweep clean and fable it
Forgetting the same facts that the table did
And you're beginning to forget your own continent
Forgetting that you are supposed to sip green, keep sealed
And bottle it
Take the smallest one and lable him an oddity
Like in the Oddysey, let learn to think fast
Like Ulysses must have when his ship crashed
Forgetting that you are supposed to sip green, keep sealed
And pray you don't forget when you become the next meal
:iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 1 0
The Road Not Taken Is A Lie
I took the road less traveled by
and have stumbled ever since
There is a road designed by eyes
much greater than yours or mine
So why should anyone take the path
laid out by you or I?
:iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 7 1
Mature content
Why We'll Always Win :iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 1 0
A Juvenile Pun (I'm sort of lying)
Where are your cities now?
I think you are starting to see in continents...
I think you are starting to drown in compliments; phony and fake
like that repulsive ugly cardigan.
Where did your chest go?
Probably stashed away in the same compartment where my heart is in
and I'm starting to believe we breathe the same air that Charles Barkley did,
so you never did anything but see apart from skin.
Pheaonix is taxing prayers today,
you should have never flipped fifty
for just a gram of ye'. You have lost everything and forgotten how...
You have forsaken all of your cities now.
:iconmaxusphinneas:maxusphinneas 0 0


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